Turning quantity into quality. Collect, sort, evaluate. Our many years of experience and up-to-the-minute instincts enable us to identify what potential the developed pool of ideas holds. We look at things from a different angle, think laterally and provide you with relevant new impetus – for your technology, your concept and your specific market.

With our DEEP IDEATION method, we propose new solutions and combine them to produce concepts that can be objectively evaluated. PEARL CREATIVE INNOVATIONS focus on real-life efficiency – and that benefits both you and your users. Because optimised usability, better functionality, ergonomic design and longevity are the best arguments for your brand



Room for something really new: in the initial phase, we enter into a dialogue with our clients and users to create the basis for genuinely new product ideas. The combination of creative openness and validated information gives rise to relevant new ideas and inspiration for things that have never been thought of before. DEEP IDEATION.


• User research / observation
• Online scouting
• Definition of guideposts
• Idea gathering / deep ideation
• Design thinking workshops




The collected observations and insights are systematically condensed – the open innovation search is structured, collated and checked. Visually comparable concept teaser visualisations and fast prototyping provide a clear idea of the initial concepts and mean ideas can be rated objectively.


• USP Definition
• Evaluation
• Idea combining
• Structuring
• Fast prototype testing
• Concept teaser



Thanks to clear target criteria, our structured guidance through the decision-making process enables you to make objective decisions. The usability of the best final concepts is tested with future users and development experts. As a result, all the stakeholders are involved in the concept decision, thus creating the basis for successful product development with high differentiation potential.


• Concept teaser presentation
• Enabled decision-making
• Evaluation testing


Pearl Creative – product design and design strategy

There’s much more to successful product design than giving something an outer form; it is the result of all sorts of prior analyses and strategic decisions. In particular, Pearl Creative sees strategic brand positioning as the key to success, which is why the design agency has made developing the brand positioning of both the client and their products one of its main areas of focus – including corporate design analysis and corporate design development. Pearl Creative’s preferred tool for developing the product and brand strategy is the brand workshop, in the course of which both the brand’s target market and its current and future positioning are examined and strategically defined. Only then does work actually start on the product design, the user interface design or the development of the user experience.


Innovations – design and technology

It goes without saying that Pearl Creative uses state-of-the-art tools for its development and design work. For us, using 3D CAD software to visualise the 3D industrial design during a product development is just as much part of our day-to-day work as constructing models and prototypes of a design for presentation and verification purposes. But the brand and user-centred design aren’t our only priorities; Pearl Creative’s strengths include innovation consulting and innovation implementation as well. The same goes for the special aspects involved in GUI design, UI design, UX design and interface design in general. The Ludwigsburg design agency Pearl Creative develops differentiation strategies based on formal and technological innovations that transfer innovation trends from a wide range of different industries and sectors.