The way we see it, there’s more to successful industrial design than something’s shape and colour. It’s the tangible expression of your brand promise in a concrete design concept. We combine proven expertise and new insights with ever-changing aesthetic trends. It goes without saying that we factor the emotional aspect in, too – whether we’re designing professional machinery or household appliances. Because we believe capital goods should be just as intriguing, motivating and aesthetically appealing as the everyday things we surround ourselves with in our private lives.

PEARL CREATIVE’s extensive network of suppliers, design engineers and specialists ensures a seamless process that turns good ideas into reality.



New, different design that points the way ahead and thrills users with its aesthetic and functional qualities. Thinking outside the box inspires us to come up with visionary concepts that are underpinned by the necessary instincts and experience to pick up on design trends - and give you new ideas and inspiration for future product developments.


• Concept design
• Future thinking
• Interaction studies




Successful industrial design that boosts desirability ensures a lead over competitors. With our keen instinct for up-to-the-minute product aesthetics, we create user-centred products with a look and feel that will be just as fresh tomorrow as they are today.


• Ergonomics / usability
• Visual design / drafting
• Design modelling
• Concept engineering
• Colour & material
• Product graphics
• Class-a surfacing



Intuitive, effective, attractive: coherent design concepts for user interfaces promise users a holistic, consistent product experience. We design customised user interface concepts for your products and create ergonomic usability solutions that are tailored to your customers’ needs.


• Usability concepts
• User interface design
• Digital brand image




Design sells! Visualisations with sensory appeal can clinch the purchase decision and play a major role in early-stage brand building. We support your marketing in the form of detailed packaging concepts that provide emotional access to the look, feel and material of your product.


• Product graphics
• Computer generated imagery