Concept Study – Karlsson

Final intern project
Oliver Haller
Sören Intemann


We take the job of supporting and encouraging our interns – and therefore also future designers – very seriously. That’s why we offer them a platform for turning their visions and ideas into reality at the end of their internship: PEARL TALENTS. With the support of experienced designers, interns are able to use the skills and experience they have acquired to create and publish a tangible concept.


More and more, assistance systems are becoming part of everyday life – we’re familiar with them from both our homes and vehicles. But what if we had a personal mobile companion who used intelligent technologies to make our lives not just easier but safer as well?

That was the thought that sparked the Karlsson study. This project is intended to provide an idea of the added value an autonomous companion could generate for the user.

Karlsson consists of two elements. The basis is a minimalistic wrist strap that primarily serves as the “landing platform” for a flight-capable smart unit. In autonomous flight mode, Karlsson expands the possibilities of a conventional smartwatch with a multitude of new functions, including scouting the surroundings, searching for car keys or doubling as a light source and security assistant in dark places. Karlsson is more than just a wearable. It’s a smart companion for everyday life.